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Rootcup Air Plant Nest


The Rootcup Air Plant Nest is a simple and elegant way to showcase your air plant collection and add greenery in your home and beyond.

  • Tillandsias, also commonly known as air plants, come in a wide range of colors and sizes, making them the perfect, low-maintenance design element to accent your décor.
  • Made for all levels, from first timers to pros. To use, simply plan your arrangement and attach to a wall with the appropriate mounting hardware, like a thumbtack, nail or screw. Once mounted, place your air plants inside the flexible fingers and rearrange as desired.
  • The organically shaped and pliable appendages gently cradle your air plants in place, without damaging them while allowing easy removal to water or rearrange.
  • The integrated mounting hole allows you to easily hang on any wall or surface.
  • If you're renting, or simply don't want to make holes in your walls, you can use temporary mounting products like removable mounting tape, self-adhesive magnets or hook-and-loop fasteners.
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor use. Either way, make sure to provide your air plants with proper air, water, nutrients, light, and temperature to keep them thriving.
  • Looking for unique event décor? Artfully display an array of air plants at your next party or event.
  • A perfect party favor or gift for kids. Easy for little hands to grasp and won't break if dropped. Use it as an educational tool to teach children about gardening and to foster an appreciation for nature.

Specs & Care

  • Dimensions: 2" w x 2" h x 1" d
  • Sold as a set of four, each with different shaped fingers.
  • Color: grey. The soft, matte finish won’t scratch or stain walls or other surfaces.
  • Material: Made from a super-durable yet flexible, and non-toxic, proprietary elastomer.
  • Care: Simply wash with water and soap, if needed.
  • Designed by Michael Good.
  • Successfully funded with Kickstarter.
  • Plants and mounting hardware NOT included.

Endless display possibilities!